The Educator, No. 7


Hailing from the school of hard knocks, she'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!

How did you come up with your derby name?

I am a teacher. I take great pride in my job and it does define a big part of who I am. So, I couldn't really think of a more fitting name.

How and when did you get involved in roller derby?

I've been with the league since December of 2005. Prior to joining ARRG I enjoyed full contact sports. I trained in the Martial Arts, primarily Muy Thai and kick boxing. When I heard about a derby league starting in St. Louis, I couldn't resist the idea of an all-female full contact team sport. So I started of by skating in circles with the girls at a roller rink in South County. The rest is history.

Any serious injuries?

I haven't had any serious injuries *knocks on wood*. I have busted my eyebrow open requiring stitches, and broke a finger. If I learned anything in my martial arts training it was that technique drives performance. Once you get the technique down everything else comes more naturally. I've worked really hard in training on and off skates to develop proper technique and avoid injuries. It's key in my training if I want a long healthy derby career.

Favorite position to play?

I love to play all positions. It took me a long time to develop as a skater because I never committed to 1 specific position. When playing nationally, my strength has been blocking. However, this season (season 5) I have been jamming locally. It's helping my blocking nationally tremendously because of the perspective it gives me. I am a firm believer in playing all positions.

Worst penalty ever committed?

Season 5 in Atlanta a blocker was coming at me really fast, I impulsively pushed her to the ground full-force with both hands, completely taking her out of play and getting my jammer out. I thought the ref was going to eject me, but I was lucky enough to get away with a major penalty.

Any pre-bout rituals?

I use relaxation techniques to ground myself and get focused for the challenge to come. I like to jog an easy mile or 2 before the game. My pre-bout playlist is crucial.

What kind of skates and wheels do you roll on?

Currently I am skating on the Ridell 965 boot, Sure Grip Power Track Plates, Bones Labyrinth Bearings, and Atom Juke Wheels.

Most exciting moment in your derby career?

The most exciting moments in my derby career are winning the Fall Brawl in 2008 with our All-Star team and training with the Oly Rollers after they took first at 2009 nationals. I hope to get more training experience with top derby teams in order to bring new learning to our All-Star team as we move up in the rankings.

SmashinistasBlocker, Jammer, Pivot

Travel Team All StarsCo-Captain, Blocker
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

AwardsBest Pivot 2009

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The Educator, No. 7