The Arch Rival Roller Girls Offiicials crew was first assembled on a cold February night in 2006. Since that day, their goal has been to perfect the art of officiating the organized chaos that is women's flat track roller derby. Joining the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) in September of '07 brought the ARRG Referees to the 'Big Show'. Further developing their techniques and procedures through standard rules and practices, the WFTDA rule set gives a roller derby officiating crew unmatched rink credibility and legitimacy.

Our mission statement:
"As officials for the Arch Rival Roller Girls, we promise to maintain a safe environment while upholding the latest version of Women's Flat Track Derby Association rules. We will continue to sharpen our skills and evolve our techniques in order to have smooth, safe and impartial bouts."

It takes a unique individual to have the nerves of steel, attention to detail and raw sex appeal that is needed to be an ARRG official. The individuals listed on this page have been bout tested and derby girl approved.

The Officiating Crew is made up of Non Skating Officials and Skating Referees. The Rivarly Regulators, which is the Non Skating Officials (NSO) unit for ARRG are individuals that volunteer to protect and serve the intergity of the each game and keep our bouts running smoothly. Positions such as Jam Timer, Penalty Tracker, Pentalty Wrangler, Penalty Timer, Score Keeper, and Lineup Tracker fall under our NSO unit. You will identify them with their FBI inspired uniforms. As for the striped Referees, these are the chosen few who call penalties, award points and maintain the safe environment for the players. These eagle eyed, buttery smooth skaters hold such positions as Jam Referee (2 per bout), Inside Pack Referee (2 per bout) and Outside Pack Referee (3 per bout).

Interested in being an elite member of the Officials community? Contact Hi Refinition, the ARRG Head of Officials, for more information or check out our Officials Facebook page. Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you on the track.

Skating Referees

Hi Refinition

Hi Refinition Head of Officials

High Pains Drifter

High Pains DrifterHead Referee

Democracy Inaction

Democracy Inaction WFTDA rep


Fojammi #9

Blueberry Special

Ken Evil

Ken Evil #433 bones

Sideshow Bob

Sideshow Bob

Doubill Tap

Doubill Tap


Non-Skating Officials

NSOs 2011-12

Scott Oblivious (head NSO)
Unka Mikey
Tornado Alli
Banana Split Lip
Cheeky BumKicker
Pointed Arrow
Steady Mercury
London Thunderground
Hot To Trotsky
NewB NSO Cait