South City Shiner, No. 24 Hours

Born Lauren Ipsum to devoted Huguenot parents in the South of France, the S. C. Shiner discovered an almost supernatural affinity for the aquatic at an early age. She was late for her 4th birthday party as a result of going for an extra lap during her time trials swimming around the island of Corsica.

As her magnetic personality blossomed during adolescence, it was noted that her furious strokes were capable of dislodging large metallic objects from the sea floor, which led to a growing cottage industry of salvage vessels following in her wake. Some of these rescued metal monstrosities she kept for their sentimental value, including a 3000 lb. Heidelberg printing press that her electric aura brought up from the wreck of the Lusitania.

After many travels in the New World, she decided to set up shop in Saint Louis, so as not to favor one ocean over the other. Her prodigious strength and unique style found a simpatico resonance with the Arch Rival Roller Girls, and she was rapidly recruited as both jammer and blocker for the League. Taking a nom de skate that reflected her enormous appetite for life 24/7, she regularly uses her vast arsenal of heavy-metal typefaces in the service of the League's graphical assault.

bio by fojammi

Stunt Devils Jammer

Travel Team All StarsJammer, Blocker, Pivot
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Stunt Devils
South City Shiner, No. 24 Hours