Brickyard, No. 400


Built for Speed.

How did you come up with your derby name & number?

I wanted a name that was representative of my past as a girl that grew up in Indiana.  However, having any nickname that resembled the word “Hoosier” is a bit derogatory here in St. Louis.  So, I decided to focus on Indiana’s love of NASCAR racing.  The Brickyard 400 is a very popular NASCAR race held in Indiana each year.  I figured it symbolized my love for going fast, hitting people, and continuously going in a circle in one direction.

How did you get involved in derby?

When I first moved to St. Louis, my cousin took me to a bout.  While watching, it was almost like a small voice suddenly emerged in my head that kept telling me I needed to try it out.  It was like discovering a part of myself that I never knew existed!

Any serious injuries?

Nothing more than a few scrapes and bruises so far (knock on wood)!

What kind of skates do you roll on?

I’m very proud of my Riedell R3’s with my yellow Radar Flatouts.  But I realize they are a skate/wheel combo that I’ll probably grow out of quickly, now that I know it’s worth it to spend some money on this crazy sport!

What is the worst penalty you ever committed?

The back block I committed against Sue Render (M80s) during my first bout.  All night, my only goal was to not commit any stupid penalties, but I decided to run directly into the back of her anyway.  And worst of all, there is a picture floating around on Facebook of me blatantly apologizing to her on the track immediately after I knocked her down.

Any pre-bout rituals?

So far, my only ritual is to eat as much candy as possible the afternoon before the bout.  I’m not sure if it’s the best ritual to have...

Do you have a favorite position to play?

I love blocking, but it is so amazing to jam.  Every time I go to the jam line, it’s like a challenge I have to overcome.  It’s exhilarating!

Do you have a rival on the track?

Yes, the referees.  For some reason, they keep telling me I always get penalties...

What was your most exciting moment in your derby career?

My most exciting moment was my first jam in the Playoffs bout.  It was the first time I really jammed in a bout, and I ended up getting 14 points!  A huge weight lifted off my shoulders when I realized I wasn’t just going to choke in front of hundreds of fans.  


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Brickyard, No. 400