The Smashies topped the M-80s, 166-151, Saturday night at Midwest Sport Hockey. Arch City Sports has the recap at THIS LINK.

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In the December event of ARRG’s six-game regular season, the M-80s topped the Stunt Devils, 250-192.

Read the full recap at Arch City Sports.

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(BALLWIN, MO) Saturday night at Midwest Sport Hockey, two-time defending league champions The Smashinistas topped the M-80s, 219-187.

A complete recap can be found at Arch City Sports.

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The travel teams of ARRG netted a pair of wins against Ohio in August. The online series “Rewind” looks at the highlights. Plus, a look at the ARRG All-Stars‘ trip to the WFTDA Division 1 playoffs.


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The travel teams of ARRG netted a pair of wins against No Coast in May. The online series “Rewind” looks at the highlights. Plus, a look at the ARRG All-Stars busy month of June.





In anticipation of the next ARRG home bout at Midwest Sport Hockey vs. No Coast on Saturday, May 10, here’s theRewind featuring the April bouts vs. Madison.

Click HERE to see it.


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by Muckety Muck, ARRG Bout Co-Announcer – Photos by Bob Dunnell

(ST. LOUIS, MO) In front of the largest crowd to ever witness flat-track roller derby locally, the Arch Rival Roller Girls presented its 2014 Local Championships at Chaifetz Arena Friday night.

The crowd of over 2,000 witnessed two incredible bouts that put the exclamation point on a successful local campaign. In the main event, the Smashinistas picked up its second straight title with a 157-145 win over the M-80s. In the League’s third place bout, the Stunt Devils staved a hard charge from Rebel Skate Alliance in order to net a 148-116 win.

The atmosphere was abuzz with what one finds at an event like this. St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay blew the ceremonial first whistle and the top-notch, flat-track that ensued had the Chaifetz crowd glued to their chairs until the very end.


When the Smashinistas won its first Arch Rival Roller Girls’ local championship one year ago, they didn’t receive recognition of its victory until the day after the bout was formally played. After an official scoring review post-bout, an overnight adjustment to the final score was made, resulting in a two-point win for the Smashies.

Far removed from the flat-track when the decision was rendered, there was no formal Smashies’ trophy celebration last year. Sure, they had netted a championship, but the significance was somewhat lost because the victorious skaters couldn’t proverbially “live in the moment.”

Friday night at Chaifetz Arena, the Smashinistas decided to take control of its own destiny outright.

Paced by a triple-digit performance from jammer Brickyard and a stifling defense, the defending champions topped the M-80s, 157-145.

“We’re super stoked,” said Smashies’ co-captain The Forecloser following the 12-point win. “We’ve focused, we’ve talked to each other, we’ve communicated, we’ve grown together…and now we’ve won together.”

Both teams kept each other at bay early. Eight minutes deep, the M-80s possessed a 10-9 lead. The firecrackers on quads sported six points straight off the next two jams. Launched by Molecular Mayhem’s five pointer and ending with a solo point from IDA the Living Dead, the M-80s stretched its lead to 16-9 with 23:20 left in the first period.

After the Smashies countered with four from Brickyard to make the bout a three-point affair, the M-80s churned out six points over the next four jams to extend its lead to 22-13 with 17:30 left in the period.

The Smashinistas fired its first cannon-shot of the trophy tilt in Jam 11 as Brickyard steamrolled a mind-numbing, 35-point jam that flipped the scoreboard, 48-22, in favor of the defending champs.

The M-80s countered with an 18-8 run over the next five jams and whittled the margin to 56-40 with 6:50 left in the first period.

The Smashies went into lockdown mode over the next five minutes, resulting in a 22-0 rally. Accented by Brickyard’s nine-pointer scored in Jam 20 and The Educator’s eight-pointer that followed, the Smashinistas extended its lead to 78-40 following the period’s penultimate jam.

At that point, play seemed controlled for the camo-clad rollers, but things suddenly went out of control with the final jam of the half. A track cut called against The Educator resulted in a power jam for the M-80s. Mayhem collected 25 points in the late-period push and narrowed the Smashinistas’ lead to 78-65 at intermission.

To make matters worse for the leaders, the M-80s’ power jam carried over to the first rotation of the second period. A 13-point strike from May Require Stitches tied the score, 78-78, with 28:30 left in the bout.

The red roll of uncontested points continued as the period progressed. IDA the Living Dead punctuated a 27-0 second-period rally with nine points scored at 24:05 that helped the M-80s sport a 92-78 edge.

Brickyard broke the Smashie scoring drought with four points scored at 23:10 to whittle the deficit to 92-82. Mayhem collected three on the next rotation to push the M-80s’ lead back to a baker’s dozen.

Brickyard’s deuce in Jam 7 was followed by a 4-3 jam for the Educator that made the margin once again 10 points, 98-88, with 20:20 left.

Back-to-back four-pointers from the Smashie jamming duo on the next two rotations shrunk the M-80s’ lead to two points, 98-96 with 18:15 left.

After Mayhem’s 3-1 jam extended the M-80s’edge to 101-97, a 19-8 power jam collected by Stitches pushed the margin to 120-105 with 14:25 remaining.

Thanks to the solid work of M-80s’ blockers, which included Rhino-Might, The Ginger Assassin, Tupac Shank-Her, Jamheiser Bush, Sp!ce Rack and a host of others, the double-digit lead was maintained after the next four rotations. With 10:35 left, the M-80s led 123-112.

Then with 9:45 left, another M-80s’ jammer penalty resulted in a bout-shifting power jam for the Smashinistas. Brickyard collected 19 points in the rotation, which put the defending champions back on top, 131-123.

Down the stretch, intensity and strategy from both teams were raised to high-stakes levels. Comparable points were scored as both squads’ set of blockers maintained their physical play.

This provided the proverbial gut-check to the Smashinistas’ blocking schema, paced by co-captains The Forecloser and Sly Davanita, as well as Eli Wallop, Shimmy Hoffa, Girl Fawkes, Downtown Dallis, EnYa Nightmare Cloak N’ DragHer, Party Rockher, Megalodominator, Dixie Wolf and Red Hot Whiplet.

It was a challenge the Smashies were ready to accept.

“We had amazing, amazing walls,” said Davanita of the late-bout tussle. “We had great jamming too, but the walls were awesome.”

The Smashies outscored the M-80s, 26-22, in the final five jams to pick up the 157-145 championship win and the back-to-back ARRG trophy lifts.

Brickyard paced the Smashinistas (4-1) with 123 points, followed by The Educator’s 34.

For the M-80s, the setback at Chaifetz was hard to swallow. However, there was nothing but praise from the team’s brain trust following the exhausting bout.

“Those girls played their heart out, just like they have with every game this year,” said M-80s’ bench coach Specs Offender afterwards.  “It’s a tough loss, but when you lose a bout by 12 points, that’s still very close in this sport. I love those girls, love that team and I am very proud of them even though we didn’t get the ‘W’ tonight.”

Mayhem and IDA scored 56 and 52, respectively, for the M-80s (4-1).


SMASHINISTAS (157): Brickyard 123, The Educator 34

M-80s (145): Molecular Mayhem 56, IDA The Living Dead 52, May Require Stitches 37


The outcome of the evening’s opener was a true reflection of how both team’s respective seasons had positively progressed. In its first bout of the local season last November, the Stunt Devils scored a sub-par 62 points. When the two teams met two months ago, RSA was pummeled by 176.

The Stunts won the third place bout at Chaifetz by 32 points, but those involved would honestly say that both teams were winners due to the recent improvements made.

“We came so far this year as a team,” said Stunt Devils’ co-captain Vendetta VanGo afterwards. “This season, over half of our team started out as either new players or players, like myself, that have been out for a couple of years. It was a rebuilding year and our goal was to get better with every game.”

The Stunts would have to be at its proverbial best in its tangle with RSA, a team that had not tasted victory in quite awhile but had steadily grown as a cohesive unit.

The Stunts’ game plan of utilizing the triple jamming attack of Mighty Mighty Boston, Chokehold Chanel and Dirt Diggler reaped rewards early. Seven minutes in, the purple rollers posted a 25-5 advantage.

Back-to-back treys from RSA jammers Pink Diamond and Sleazy E narrowed the margin to 25-11 with 19:00 left in the period. Boston countered with four scored in Jam 9 to push the Stunt Devils’ lead to 29-11.

Following a scoreless jam, Sleazy scored 10 points for RSA at 15:50, cutting the margin to 29-21.

Boston, who went into the bout fighting the sick bug, showed no signs of illness as she posted 19 points with 13:10 left in the frame that extended the Stunts’ lead to 48-21.

Undaunted, the Rollin’ Rebs came charging back with a 28-0 rally over the next four jams that flipped the scoreboard. A pair of two-pointers from Black Market Baby and Sleazy E began the run. Then following a four-pointer scored by BMB in Jam 15, Sleazy notched a 20-point power jam in the next rotation.

The 27-point Stunt Devils’ lead four jams ago? POOF! RSA had its first lead of the bout, 49-48, with 9:30 left in the period.

Its lead was short-lived as the Stunts barreled out a 42-6 run in the final minutes of the half. Punctuated by Boston’s 23-point power jam with 5:00 left in the period, the Stunt Devils held a 91-54 lead at intermission.

Second period play was pretty much even. Ten minutes deep, the Stunts maintained a 100-65 advantage.

A 21-0 Stunts’ rally highlighted the middle stretch. Boston’s nine scored in Jam 11 was followed by Diggler’s four. Artemischief collected eight in Jam 12 and the uncontested rally was finished by Boston’s trey scored with 15:10 left. When the dust had settled, the Stunts had amassed a 121-65 lead.

Once again, RSA didn’t waive the white flag down the stretch went on rallies of its own. An 8-4 jam for BMB with 13:45 left launched a 33-18 run that covered the next eight minutes. In the process, the RSA blocking rotation, paced by Party Foul, Science Friction, Eveready, Ginny Beastley, Prof. Rumbledore, Warpath O’ Jen, Deuce Bomber, Shear-Ra Powers, AKA Rogue and Fletch A Sketch, kept the Stunts scoreless for four jams.

With 7:10 left, the Stunts’ margin had been sliced to 135-98.

Wanting to quash the RSA comeback, the Stunt Devils’ blocking schema put the hammer down. Paced by veterans Grave Danger, Deathica Steele, Mayor Francis Slayer, Vendetta VanGo, Morgan LeFaetal, Shacgyver, and youngsters Danisaurus Rex and Yo Adrian-na, kept the 30-point differential steady.

The Stunt Devils outscored RSA 57-52 in the second period to earn the 148-116 win in ARRG’s third place bout. Boston led the Stunts (2-3) with 106 points.

”Our game tonight was all about teamwork, holding those walls together and making room for our jammers,” said VanGo afterwards.

Sleazy E paced RSA scoring with 59 points. And despite the winless record in the season’s campaign, the counter-clockwise coalition has plenty of reasons to be optimistic heading into future. For starters, the roster has finally settled into place.

“We’ve had a lot of circulation of old players and new players coming back,” said RSA co-captain Prof. Rumbledore. “It’s been crazy and really difficult, but I feel like that now we’re really solidifying as a team. Even though we lost, I’m really proud of us.”


STUNT DEVILS (148): Mighty Mighty Boston 106, Dirt Diggler 22, Chokehold Channel 12, Artemischief 8

REBEL SKATE ALLIANCE (116): Sleazy E 59, Pink Diamond 32, Black Market Baby 25


From Friday night, Mayor Francis Slayer (left) and St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay.

Friday night marked the last bout for some of the Arch Rival Roller Girls. Retiring from the flat track were The Educator, Deathica Steele, The Forecloser, Megalodominator, Pink Diamond, Stray Touhell and Dixie Wolf. Also recognized during the retirement were also those that had retired after the completion of the prior local and travel team seasons: Chewblocka, South City Shiner, Kill’em Gilliam, Shell Shoxx, Smarty McFly and Bertha Venus.

The Arch Rival Roller Girls appreciate these athletes’ dedication to the league and the sacrifices they made in order to support women’s flat track roller derby in St. Louis!

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by Muckety Muck, ARRG Bout Co-Announcer

(ST. LOUIS, MO) With a hard charge of points in the last ten minutes of the ARRG 2014 Local Championships, defending League Champions the Smashinistas posted a 157-145 win over the M-80s at Chaifetz Arena Friday night.

With the win, the Smashies (4-1) netted back-to-back championships.

The bout was tied 78-78 after the first jam of the second period. The M-80s stretched its lead to 120-105 with 14:25 left in the bout following a 19-point power jam from May Require Stitches.

The Smashinistas kept the differential tight as the period progressed and trailed 123-112 with 10:35 left.

On the next jam, Smashies’ jammer Brickyard collected a 19-point power jam that flipped the scoreboard in favor of the defending champs, 131-123, with 8:45 remaining. The Educator followed with a pair of points to widen the gap to 133-123.

The Smashies maintained the double-digit differential in the bout’s waning minutes and picked up a 10-9 jam in the bout’s final rotation to secure the 12-point win.

Brickyard scored unofficially 84 points in the victory.

The M-80s finished the season 4-1 and in second place.

In the third place bout, the Stunt Devils staved numerous hard charges from Rebel Skate Alliance to post a 148-116 win.

A full recap of both bouts will be featured on the website on Monday.

Check ARRG’s official Facebook page on Saturday for exclusive interviews from al four teams at the Chaifetz event.


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by Muckety Muck, ARRG Bout Co-Announcer – Photos by Bob Dunnell

This Friday night, the season’s most anticipated event for the Arch Rival Roller Girls takes place at Chaifetz Arena!

The M-80s (4-0) battle defending League Champions the Smashinistas (3-1) for the 2014 ARRG Local Championship. Prior to that match-up, the Stunt Devils (1-3) face Rebel Skate Alliance (0-4) in the League’s third place bout.

Tickets for the twin bill are available at the Chaifetz Arena Box Office or by going to this link RIGHT HERE. Save $5 on each adult ticket purchased prior to Friday!

The first whistle blows at 8 pm, but ARRG fans will want to get to Chaifetz early. Pre-bout festivities include the annual recognition of retiring skaters, an appearance by St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, and bout presentation pushed to higher levels.

Whether you’re a long-time ARRG fan or a first-timer, you’ll see firsthand Friday night the athleticism displayed by these talented athletes. The flat-track action is guaranteed to impress!

The proverbial “coin flip” truly defines the M-80s/Smashinistas battle that will commence for the League Championship.

At the ARRG Playoffs last month, the undefeated M-80s churned out an impressive 248-105 victory over Rebel Skate Alliance to reach Friday’s tussle for the trophy. All systems were “go” in the win.

“We are hard hitters,” said M-80s blocker Tupac Shank-Her following the win. “That is what we do, but sometimes roller derby isn’t just about hitting hard.”

She’s absolutely correct in her assessment. The team used a mix of effective scoring, strategy, and most importantly, adaptation en route to the 143-point victory that pushed the team’s record to 4-0.

That methodology will be used again Friday night as the team looks to hoist the trophy, last accomplished at ARRG’s Chaifetz debut in 2012.

Jammer IDA the Living Dead notched 130 points in the playoff round. She’ll be joined in the rotation by talented sophomore Molecular Mayhem and two-time ARRG League Player of the Year May Require Stitches.

Alongside Shank-Her, the blocking will be handled by veterans Rhino-Might, The Ginger Assassin and Sp!ce Rack. New additions Nikki Trixx and Jamheiser Bush have impressed as the season progressed and youngsters Stray Touhell, Tragedy Ann, Carmina Piranha and Winchester Witch will supplement during crucial situations.

The “firecrackers on quads” remember the feeling of winning it all on the big stage two years ago. They can relive that moment Friday night.

But the process won’t easy for they face the defending ARRG Champions.

The Smashinistas earned its trip to the finals last month with a 188-183 victory over the Stunt Devils on the bout’s very last jam. The camo-clad troopers were fully aware that they dodged a huge purple bullet in order to play in the marquee bout at Chaifetz.

“That was so fun,” said Smashies pivot Downtown Dallis following the five-point win. “We are really rallied right now and our camaraderie is better than ever before.”

Smashies’ premiere jammer Brickyard scored 102 points in the win. She’ll be joined in the rotation Friday by long-time ARRG veterans The Educator and EnYa Nightmare.

Blocking will be paced by the aforementioned Dallis alongside co-captains Sly Davanita and The Forecloser, team lynchpins Eli Wallop and Shimmy Hoffa, hard-charging sophomores Party Rock-Her and Cloak N’ Drag-Her, the always-crafty Megalodominator, highly-impressive transfer Girl Fawkes, and improving youngsters Dixie Wolf and Red Hot Whiplet.

This is a team that could potentially pull off a rarity in ARRG history Friday night: back-to-back championships.

Who grabs the big brass ring is anyone’s guess, for both teams possess comparable skills. By no means can anyone project a favorite.

The same could be said of Friday’s opener, the ARRG third place bout with the Stunt Devils vs. Rebel Skate Alliance. Both teams look to end the season on a high note.

The Stunt Devils saw its streak of seven straight ARRG title appearances snapped after its five-point loss in the playoff round last month.

“We’re disappointed that we didn’t win, but we’re also really proud that we have come so far this season,” Stunts’ pivot Morgan LeFaetal afterwards. “When we played (the Smashies) in November, we lost by a significant amount. To lose this bout by five points is a huge step for us.”

They look to continue those strides in the third place bout. All-Star jammer Mighty Mighty Boston collected 106 points in the playoff round. She’ll be joined in the jamming rotation by transfer Dirt Diggler and co-captain Chokehold Chanel, who each scored over 35 points last month.

Blocking will be paced by the aforementioned LeFaetal as well as Stunts’ veterans Mayor Francis Slayer, Grave Danger, Deathica Steele and Vendetta VanGo.

The Stunts want to finish the 2014 local season with a “W!” The task will be difficult against its opponents, Rebel Skate Alliance.

Despite a setback in the playoff round, RSA continued to show its upward progression. Jammer Sleazy E continued her 40-point per bout pace, while sophomore Shear-Ra Powers and the recently-acquired Black Market Baby added solid points.

The key for a RSA win Friday night will rest on its veteran blocking unit. Multi-season pros Party Foul, Ginny Beastley, Pink Diamond, Eveready, Science Friction and Deuce Bomber are alongside hard-charging youngsters Prof. Rumbledore, Warpath O’ Jen, Fletch-A-Sketch and A.K.A. Rogue.

RSA is more than capable to pick up its first win in quite some time in front of a large audience. We’ll find out Friday if they can complete the task.

While you’re at Chaifetz, make sure you stop by the ARRG merchandise area and pick up your favorite team’s goodies to cheer them on and show your support.

After the double-header is over, continue the revelry at the official post-bout after party, held at Atomic Cowboy (4140 Manchester) in the Grove section of St. Louis. You’ll have a chance to mingle with your favorite Arch Rival Roller Girl.

This Friday night at 8 pm, you’ll experience the pinnacle of competitive play for St. Louis’ first women’s flat track roller derby franchise!

We’ll see you at Chaifetz Arena!

Check for ARRG updates and media appearances throughout the week at the league’s official Facebook page!


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by Muckety Muck – ARRG Bout Co-Announcer – Photos by Bob Dunnell

(BALLWIN, MO) The top two seeds of the Arch Rival Roller Girls’ 2014 Local Playoffs notched victories Saturday night at Midwest Sport Hockey, albeit using different methodologies.

In the #1 vs. #4 semi-final, the top-seeded M-80s overpowered fourth-seeded Rebel Skate Alliance, 248-105. Meanwhile in the nightcap, the second-seeded Smashinistas utilized late-bout heroics to topple the third-seeded Stunt Devils, 188-183.

The winners now face each other for the League’s trophy at the 2014 ARRG Local Championships, set for Friday, March 7 at Chaifetz Arena.


The M-80s – who last won an ARRG title in 2012 at Chaifetz – implemented effective scoring, strategy, and most importantly, adaptation en route to the 143-point victory that pushed the team’s record to 4-0.

“What we’ve been doing this season is play differently against the other (three) teams because they are all so completely different,” said M-80s’ blocker Tupac Shank-Her following her team’s semifinal win. ”Finding a way to adapt to their styles gives us our biggest opportunities. We are hard hitters. That’s what we do. But sometimes roller derby isn’t just about hitting someone hard.”

Adjustments became necessary as Rebel Skate Alliance gave the top seed fits early.  Sleazy E’s bout-opening 10-pointer kicked things off for RSA. The M-80s countered on the next rotation as IDA the Living Dead scored nine to make the bout a one-point affair.

After both teams traded four-pointers on the next two rotations, M-80s’ jammer Molecular Mayhem punched a 19-pointer, resulting in a 32-14 lead change with 22:15 left in the period.

The Rollin’ Rebs rebounded and notched 19 uncontested points. Following jammer Pink Diamond’s 14-point power jam, RSA sported a 33-32 lead with 19:10 left in the period.

The M-80s countered on the next rotation and regained the lead as IDA collected 30 points via a power jam to give her squad a 62-33 advantage.

Sleazy E’s niner scored in jam 10 narrowed the gap to 20 points, but RSA’s momentum gained was stifled on the next rotation with a jammer track cut and a slew of blocker penalties. A 20-point power jam for M-80s’ multi-specialist May Require Stitches ensued and extended the Firecracker’s lead to 82-44 with 12:00 left in the period.

The differential widened as the period progressed and the M-80s sported a 107-55 lead at intermission.

The M-80s’ self-defined, hard-hitting style came to the forefront in the second period. IDA’s second-period opening 24-point strike off the power jam widened the gap to 131-55.

RSA posted 15 straight points on the next two rotations. Following Shear-Ra Powers’ five-pointer, Sleazy E collected 10 with 24:40 left to make the score 131-70.

Scoring would be comparable over the next few rotations, but then the top seed started to pull away midway through the frame via power jams.

IDA’s non-lead power jam that yielded 22 points was followed by Stitches’ 15-pointer that push the M-80s’ lead to 184-83 with 15:05 left in the bout.

Meanwhile, M-80s’ blocking, paced by the aforementioned Shank-Her and Stitches, as well as The Ginger Assassin, Rhino-Might, Nikki Trixx, Jamheiser Bush and Sp!ce Rack, and supplemented by Stray Touhell, Tragedy Ann, Carmina Piranha and Winchester Witch, kept RSA scoring to a minimum.

The M-80s outscored Rebel Skate Alliance 131-55 in the second period to earn its trip to March’s Championship bout.

For the M-80s, IDA finished the evening with 130 points, followed by Stitches’ 58.

RSA (0-4) knew that the task to take down the top seed would be difficult in the playoff semifinal. The team readily admits that adjustments are still needed heading into their third place bout in March.

“We’ve been working really hard on getting our walls together, building them and slowing down, but since we haven’t focused enough on offense, it really messed with s tonight,” said RSA’s Prof. Rumbledore after the bout.

But optimism still shines for the intergalactic skating schematic. Sleazy E and Powers scored  45 and 27 points, respectively, against a stubborn M-80s’ defense. Recent addition Black Market Baby collected 17 points in her ARRG return and longtime vets Diamond, Party Foul, Science Friction, Ginny Beastly, Eveready and Deuce Bomber are continuing to improve their collective play and recent additions AKA Rouge and Fletch A Sketch are getting some quality minutes on the flat track.

In short, the talent is most certainly there. Now it’s matter of putting the pieces properly together for a third place bout victory over the Stunt Devils at Chaifetz.

“We have easy fixes,” said Rumbledore. “We need to watch our jammer and destruction penalties.  If we utilize the training that we used this month, we have a fighting chance against them.”


M-80s (248): IDA the Living Dead 130, May Require Stitches 58, Molecular Mayhem 54, Tupac Shank-Her 4, Jamheiser Bush 2

RSA (105): Sleazy E 45, Shear-Ra Powers 27, Black Market Baby 17, Pink Diamond 16


Whereas the evening’s opener was decided early, the battle between the middle seeds featured eight lead changes and a five-point victory decided as the period clock expired. The 188-183 Smashinistas’ win gave the defending ARRG champions (3-1) its second consecutive title bout trip.

“That was so much fun,” said Smashinistas’ blocker Downtown Dallis after the nail biter. “We are really rallied right now and our camaraderie is better than ever before.”

Rallies were the theme, but neither squad was able to post a sizable margin in the first period.

Following a 0-0 open jam, the Stunts got on the scoreboard first as co-captain Chokehold Chanel collected a four-pointer. Mighty Mighty Boston followed with a 15-3 non-lead power jam at 26:10 to extend the Stunt’s lead to 19-3.

Smashinistas’ jammer Brickyard countered with a 10-pointer, narrowing the gap to 19-13. Points were then comparable over the next four rotations and the Stunts held on to a 23-19 edge with 18:45 left in the period.

The Smashies got its first lead of the bout in jam 7 as a 14-7 power jam scored by The Educator flipped the scoreboard in favor of the defending league champions, 33-30, with 17:40 left in the frame.

Boston’s 10-pointer on the next rotation regained the lead for the Stunts, 40-33.

The Smashies saw momentum swing back in its direction midway through the first period. A 31-6 run in the next seven minutes resulted in a 64-46 lead with 8:15 left.

The Stunts rebounded with a 27-0 rally over the next five jams.  Boston launched the scoreboard shift with a 12-point power jam to narrow the margin to six points, 64-58. Following Chanel’s four-pointer on the next rotation, Boston posted a pair of points to tie the score, 64-64, with 4:45 left in the period.

Dirt Diggler contributed four in jam 21 and Boston ended the run with a grand slam to extend the Stunt’s lead to 73-64.

Newly acquired Smashie EnYa Nightmare scored 10 points in the period’s penultimate jam, resulting in another lead change, and a 74-73 lead for the Smashies.

A chaotic 26-13 final jam in favor of the Smashinistas extended their lead to 100-86 at intermission. However it came at a price as Brickyard was called for a low block as the jam clock reached its conclusion. The infraction sent the jammer to the penalty box and resulted in a power jam for the Stunt Devils to start the second period.

The third seed capitalized as Boston scored 15, resulting in a 101-100 scoreboard flip in favor of the Stunt Devils. Chanel added three on the next rotation to push the lead to 104-100.

Brickyard made amends in jam three and collected a 19-4 strike to push the lead back in the favor of the Smashinistas, 119-108. The Educator followed with 17-3 jam at 22:13 to extend the lead, 136-111.

Following a pair of Stunt points in jam five, Chanel notched nine with 20:00 to play that whittled the margin to 136-122.

As the period progressed, both teams’ blocking schemas kept the other in check. The Smashie walls, paced by Dallis, Eli Wallop, The Forecloser, Girl Fawkes, Party Rockher, Cloak N’ Drag-her, Megalodominator, Dixie Wolf and Sly Davanita went toestop-to-toestop with the Stunts’ Grave Danger, Mayor Francis Slayer, Artemischief, Vendetta VanGo, Morgan LeFaetal, Yo Adrian-na and Danisaurus Rex.

As a result, the differential remained almost constant. With 9:30 to play, the Smashinistas maintained a 154-142 lead.

The Smashies delivered what appeared to be the crushing blow with back-to-back nine pointers from The Educator and Brickyard. The 18-0 run extended the camo-lead to 30 points, 172-142, with 6:20 left to play.

But the Stunts had other things in mind. More specifically, a 38-1 run over the next four jams. A power jam for Boston yielded 10 points with 5:00 to play. Diggler followed with a baker’s dozen on the next rotation to narrow the gap to 172-165. Boston added another 10 with under 2:00 to play that resulted in another lead change, 175-172, in favor of the purple rollers.

Diggler added a 5-1 sprint in the bout’s penultimate jam that extended the Stunts’ lead to 180-173 with under :45 left in the bout.

In the final jam, and with the other coveted Championship invitation well within grasp for both teams, Smashies’ jammer Brickyard raced to the front of the pack to grab lead while the Stunts’ Boston closely pursued.  As time expired on the period clock (and play continued within the bout’s official jam clock), Boston was whistled for a track cut and sent to the penalty box, resulting in a power jam for the Smashinistas.

A 15-3 final jam strike for the camo-clad troopers ensued and resulted in a 188-183 come-from-behind victory and a trip to Chaifetz to defend the League title against the M-80s in four weeks.

In short, the Smashies knew that they had just finished a flat-track war.

“We had to change a few things at the beginning of the game due to the way that they started,” said Dallis afterwards. “They ran fast packs we had to adjust to that. They’re an amazing team and we have a lot of fun playing against them.”

Brickyard paced the Smashinistas (3-1) with 102 points, followed by the Educator’s 71.

Meanwhile the Stunts, who saw its streak of seven straight ARRG Championship appearances snapped with the loss, did find some solace afterwards. They knew that they have collectively made great strides since the start of the local season.

Keep in mind that this was the same nucleus that lost to the Smashies three months ago by a margin of 157 points.

“It was a really hard game to lose because we wanted to go to championships again,” said Stunt Devils’ blocker Morgan Le Faetal afterwards.  “We’re disappointed that we didn’t win but we’re also really proud that we have come so far this season. When we played them in November, we lost by a significant amount. To lose this bout by five points is a huge step for us.”

The Stunts (1-3) was paced in scoring by Boston’s 106 points. They’ll face RSA in the League’s third place bout on Friday, March 7.


SMASHINISTAS (188): Brickyard 102, The Educator 71, EnYa Nightmare 15

STUNT DEVILS (183): Mighty Mighty Boston 106, Chokehold Chanel 38, Dirt Diggler 37, Artemischief 2

For post-bout interviews with skaters from all four squads, head on over to ARRG’s Official Facebook page.

Muckety Muck and Magilla Guerilla are bout co-announcers for the Arch Rival Roller Girls. Check back in this section on Monday for the latest in ARRG news and information.

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